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Forever Bright Toothgel Review

Today i have tried for the first time Forever Bright Toothgel and i have to say i was surprisingly impressed with this product.

When it comes to dental hygiene i can be quite fussy.  I have used Colgate’s Max White for some time now and i never really saw myself switching from it.


I must admit, that when i first squeezed this toothgel onto my toothbrush i didnt think this was going to be for me due to the green colour. But boy was i wrong.

Now normally about an hour after brushing my teeth i get quite a dry mouth, but with this Forever Bright Toothgel i was still fresh four hours later.  If your thinking of trying out a new brand i’d say its well worth giving this a try, and im sure you will be pleased you did.

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Dirty Dog

Daily Prompt – Dirty

Meet my dirty dog.  This is Bailey, who has a mucky face after chewing on a butcher’s bone all day.


She hate’s getting her face cleaned.  Still, its good excersize chasing her around the living room with a dog wipe.

Its a nightmare cleaning her muddy paws, but i could never stop her from going to her favourite park. Dogs love mud.


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One Love – Photo Challenge

My love of photography started 2 years ago with a Fujiflm Bridge Camera.  I managed to capture some great shots, but i was always limited to what i could achieve.

Finally upgraded a few months back, and i couldnt be happier i chose Canon.  I now force myself to shoot in manual as opposed to Auto. Its definitely challenging, but so worthwhile.

This is Bailey, my 5 month old American Bulldog. This was one of the first pictures i took with my new camera. My love for this pup definitely outweighs my love for photography.


Although im still getting the hang of shooting in manual, theres definitely an improvement after a few short months.  Heres one i took today.


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What does One Love mean to you?

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