Product Review’s

I have been reviewing & promoting products for a number of years now, such as menswear, vaping devices & juices, pool & snooker cues & accessories and other items that interest me & feel i can give good opinions on.

My following is fairly large, which means when i review an item its going to be seen by alot of people. I currently have over 20,000 followers on Twitter (@ChalkeyWhite and @RyRebel) and over 3200 email subscribers.  I also do reviews & ratings on companies Amazon pages along with Facebook and other websites.

If you would like me to review your product(s) please email me and we can discuss it further.



  1. Nice work. Do you have any recommendations for people/bloggers that are trying to move into posting reviews about products? I do this every now and then and I use Yelp all the time to leave feedback about places I have visited. Thanks for the great website.


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