Dirty Dog

Daily Prompt – Dirty

Meet my dirty dog.  This is Bailey, who has a mucky face after chewing on a butcher’s bone all day.


She hate’s getting her face cleaned.  Still, its good excersize chasing her around the living room with a dog wipe.

Its a nightmare cleaning her muddy paws, but i could never stop her from going to her favourite park. Dogs love mud.


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  1. Such a nice picture of your dog! I understand how it feels when your dog purposely plays in the mud and gets dirty. I have two dogs too! It exhausts me trying to stop them from being too rowdy and it frustrates me even more giving them a bath! Hehehehe!


  2. hello rebel its dennis the vizsla dog hay my sister saya the crazy vizsla dog also luvs mud wen it rains heer she likes to go owt and dig in the puddels!!! fortchoonatly her fur is wash and ware!!! ha ha ok bye


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