5 Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Winning Competitions

A large percentage of online competitions are drawn randomly, however there are companies who look at what their entrants have to say. This is especially the case on Facebook and Twitter.
In this article i will go over the things you should say when entering and just as importantly what not to say.


1. I see alot of people including hashtags in their comments/tweets that were used by the company. Does this enhance your chances? well yes & no. Using hashtags like #win #competition #prize will make no difference whatsoever to your entry. However if the hashtag is related to the prize or company then you should definitely include this in your tweet/comment. For instance, lets say Asda are giving away a dvd and they have included the hashtags #AsdaDVD and #AsdaComp then DEFINITELY use these hashtags yourself.

2. Do sob stories work? very rarely. I see this very often, especially on Facebook. “My mum has cancer and this prize would cheer her up so much please please please pick me”. Trying to guilt trip a brand into giving you the prize is a big waste of time. Companies will not want to pick you, because of potential backlash from other entrants. Try not to do this.

3. Show gratitude to the company “Thanks for this chance, its appreciated” and wish the other entrants good luck. If brands see you are just grateful for the opportunity, they will be much more likely to pick you over the person with the sob story.

4. If there is a competition you really want to win, try to include a PHOTO in your comment or tweet that relates to the prize or brand. Lets say there’s a comp to win a new pram for your child. Include a photo of your child, or even better a photo of your child in your old pram. This will show the company that their prize will go to good use, rather than someone random who may just sell the prize. Maybe the prize is a washing machine, include a pic of your old beat up machine and it will definitely increase your chances.

5. Once you have entered a cometition by sharing/retweeting have a look at the companies page or website. Post something on their page or tweet them telling them what you like about their brand and/or products. This show’s that you appreciate what they are doing and helps to build a relationship with them. They will be more likely to pick you if they know you appreciate the prize and their products.


I wish you all the best of luck and hope you win the prizes you want.



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